Not all detergents deliver the same performance. Presently, I use All or Cheer Free for most laundry, and something with a strong fragrance for my son’s work clothes,

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rinse most everything twice, and use downy liquid on some things (even though it’s not good for fabric or skin) but usually Bounce or Downy dryer sheets.


If you’ve ad-blocked your way through all the commercials recently, you may not have realized that laundry detergent commercials haven’t changed much in terms of gender norms: More often than not, it’s a woman schlepping around a basket, fretting over stains, and breathing in the scent of clean clothes with ecstatic pleasure.


I’ve been using Bold but the last few boxes I’ve had have been rubbish and the clothes just don’t come up well with it so I bought a box of the sainsbury’s 2in1 powder and its much better and smells nicer than the bold, I also like Persil to and the pink Ecover softener or the comfort pure softener.


However, the search is mandatory, as Americans spend around $5.1 billion on laundry detergent every year, according to a study Most buyers stick to the same brand for years and compensate a product’s inability to remove difficult stains by pretreating laundry.


Again, it was not the very best detergent in getting out smell—that honor went to Tide Plus Febreze Sport ( jump to odor pick ). But because our top pick also doesn’t leave a scent, like the Febreze Sport does, it’s probably better for those sensitive to fragrance.