You probably know by now that iTunes 12.7 brings some notable changes like the removal of the App Store from iTunes , requiring users to manage and install iOS apps directly on an iPhone or iPad without iTunes on a computer. So removing the App Store from iTunes will hurt both the Mac user experience and developer revenues. Then set notification ringtones in the same page. I’ve been trying to add a 4-second clip of Lurch saying YOU RANG?” as a ringtone since I got my iPhone 6 a coupla years back.


Finally, if you do grow tired of your composition and want to revert to default ringtones, Settings> Sounds & Haptics> Ringtone stores all the choices available at your disposal. The removal of the Mac from the iOS app buying process is a blunder like Apple alone makes them.


The notification tone doesn’t work with other sms apps. They sound as good as MP3 files on most of the recent models, and are worth trying if you want your mobile phone to sound like an old-style, traditional phone. I mostly buy apps on the Mac and transfer them when I sync and update.


Starting with this version, manage all your Apps from the App Store’s Purchased Tab on each device. For more information and download links, see this Apple document. To find your purchases, open the App Store and tap your profile photograph or icon to open your Account Details.


I’ve never had to do a full restore of an iOS device, but I have little confidence this is actually possible: I don’t trust iTunes for this. Check the box next to Sync Tones so that you can view ring tones through iTunes. You’ll see the ringtones you made in that folder, safe and sound.