A quality futon can be as comfortable as a regular mattress. As soon as you place a futon on a frame you have to give it extra layers to make it comfortable, so we pad ours with Twin futon mattress cotton, wool, coir and foam.” The Futon Company also adds two Twin futon mattress layers of foam to its Read More three- seater sofa-beds to provide “extra seating comfort, a firmer surface and extra spring”.

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Because of this, the original characters of futon, which was  in Mandarin and translated to cattail” and round” respectively, were replaced with , which translates to cloth” and round.” Today, Japanese futons are sold in department stores and shops that specialize in futons, called futon’ya in Japanese, all over the country.

After sleeping on too-soft beds and too-hard  floors, and mattresses that grew mold, and other sundry issues, we decided the benefits of minimalist living outweighed the disadvantages of a traditional (for the West) bed system with box spring and thick mattress.

The metal action pull-out system works with a firm tug from the front, but although the mattress is padded with wool and cotton and the bed has wooden slats, the open coil filling isn’t ideal for light-sleeping couples, as the springs move as one unit.

The Thai rolling beds are occasionally made from natural cotton like material known as the Kapok which comes from the Kapok trees This material is very soft and since it is completely natural and free of chemicals there are very less chances of allergens and zero chances of harmful emissions.

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